Waterbending in After Effects Tutorial

Waterbending in After Effects Tutorial

Someone asked if I would make a tutorial on how to make a waterbending effect in After Effects so here it is! =) I hope it’s helpful and that you like it! Le…

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18 responses to “Waterbending in After Effects Tutorial”

  1. krinklestv says:

    thank you so much its working real well

  2. krinklestv says:

    For some reason i cant seam to get the effects up i put it on the cc Mr. Mercury but the effect does show up on the screen?

  3. Lauritheartist says:

    If you don’t see anything, move the time bar up a few frames. As for not being able to move it – make sure your moving the producer, not the anchor point. They’re two different things There are options in the effects window that will allow you to move the effect. I’ve added annotations to the video that should answer the more common questions I get. =) 

  4. Ginger Mikhel says:

    Ok also I don’t know how to move the effect everytime I make a video the water is always still and everytime I move it the while thing moves unlike your it has bends and everything

  5. Ginger Mikhel says:

    im having a problem with my effect. Evertime I put it up it doesn’t show up at all what do I do? I put it in the video and nothing comes up and I changed some settings but nothing happens even the glob doesn’t show up when I click on CC Mr.Mercury

  6. Lauritheartist says:

    The effects are free with the program, and they’re included in the 30 day trail. =)

  7. Ginger Mikhel says:

    Wait how much does after effects cost? Or can we have it for free like a free trail? Is the free trail only for 30 days?

  8. Lauritheartist says:

    You’re welcome!!!!!! Lol=)

  9. Ginger Mikhel says:


  10. TheRobins89 says:

    How did you get the program

  11. Lauritheartist says:

    Well you could try hitting the space bar but it might run slow. Usually I do a RAM preview and you can bring it up by going to window-preview and the window will open. Then you hit the button that’s on the far right of the window that looks like a normal play button. Hit it, let it render for a few minutes and then it’ll play on it’s own with any audio you have. =) OR go to composition on the menu bar, go down to preview and click RAM preview. =) Hope this helped!

  12. Lauritheartist says:

    No problem! Glad it helped! =)

  13. XDYourGurlXD says:

    Another question….. wow…….. I’m pretty weird. Well, I finished my video, and I really want to play it, but, i cant seem to find the button…. :/ I saved it and stuff…. but… i cant really play the video I made..

  14. XDYourGurlXD says:

    Thank you so much! :) It helped a lot!

  15. Lauritheartist says:

    Oh good question! I can’t believe I didn’t think to mention this when I made this tutorial and I apologize for leaving it out! If I’m understanding you correctly, what you’re going is moving the entire layer you have the effect on. So to move the effect, move the circle that appears in the middle of the layer after you place the effect. =) Or you can go to the effect window and mess with the “producer”. =) Hope I helped! Let me know if you need anymore help!

  16. XDYourGurlXD says:

    Hey…. uh. I’m a noobieee… so, uh, I did EXACTLY what you said, but, in the beginning, when you move only the water, how do you activate that? Because when I tried, it moved the entire screen, and I couldn’t work with it….? Am I making sense to you?

  17. m4tth3w101 says:

    This was made on my birthday ha

  18. Lauritheartist says:

    hm that’s weird. It just sounds like you simply sounds like you just have to delete the effect form the bottom most layer. The effect is only suppose to be on the top layer. So when you import the footage – without adding any effect, you duplicate it then add the effect. You can go to windows and open the effects window for the bottom layer – or go to the bottom layer and hit the drop down arrow and delete the option that says “effects”. See if that helps.

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