Tutorial Lightroom 4 Quickstart – Retouching photos

Tutorial Lightroom 4 Quickstart - Retouching photos

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15 responses to “Tutorial Lightroom 4 Quickstart – Retouching photos”

  1. Arathyn says:

    Excellent! Thank you.

  2. Joseph Teeter says:

    Your tutorials have helped me so much

  3. Cainva Isenia says:

    for me is this the tutorial I was searching for. Fabulous!

  4. Plamen Yankov says:

    very informative!

  5. Alyre Manuel says:

    Great Tutorial !!! Merci beaucoup!

  6. Eddie Murdock says:

    fine work, great tutorial

  7. FriedAtheist says:

    thanks so much for the tutorials. you’re the man!

  8. underoath16v says:

    Simply amazing work on that!!! 😉

  9. McAleerPhotography says:

    amazing!! what camera and lens do you use??

  10. DanandtheAddMC says:

    jaja good job with this nice song aswell:)) we do the same sort of stuff y dont you check out my videos aswell?? keep it up

  11. Dinahhs3 says:

    Great thank u

  12. Cloakphoto says:

    Great Tutorial!

  13. donjose77 says:

    Thank you ;o)

  14. G Fernando Hitchens says:

    AWESOME !!!

  15. bangemout1127 says:

    Cmoeu! Fantastic tutorial! Please post more!- P.S. I now too shoot slightly underexposed for the highlights~ Excellent technique!

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