XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 25 – Styling Links

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 25 - Styling Links

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14 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 25 – Styling Links”

  1. BlendedSoup says:

    I’m gonna be a computer genius.

  2. Connorthegreat1875 says:

    by semi colon he probably means colon at  2:18

  3. Yash Raj Sinha says:

    “So lets go ahead and…” —> bucky’s favorite phrase

  4. David Vu says:

    i loveeeeeee it! 🙂 better than any boooook

  5. youngbmoni says:

    yea, lol

  6. GameHacksandGlitches says:

    U watch SAO :)

  7. youngbmoni says:

    Me too. For some reason, its not working in google crome.

  8. XxxChrisTheBestxxX says:


  9. tbthewolfpriince says:

    how do you align it

  10. BartGBx says:

    can someone explain me how to make a .class with this in an external stylesheet?

  11. ky kiske says:

    hmh.. for some reason a:visited doesent work in my firefox browser. but i tried it again in internet explorer and it acutally worked fine.

  12. David K says:

    a:active{color:white;} – active color not working when link is visited, right?

  13. SjireTalks says:

    Grats on 100,000,000 total views! 😀

  14. Vahid Lherby Lafortune says:


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