How to vector anime with Illustrator CS3 (1 of 5)

How to vector anime with Illustrator CS3 (1 of 5)

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24 responses to “How to vector anime with Illustrator CS3 (1 of 5)”

  1. Denivic123 says:

    They’re not missing, just replaced. I know it can be hard but just find out
    the name of the tool he’s using in the video and try to find a video about
    someone using that tool in CC. I had to do this several times on other
    videos 😛

  2. Theresonly1cryo says:

    I’m using CC and many stuff is missing from what I would expect

  3. Allie Blimka says:

    hey! this tutorial was amazing! but i have a question… whats the anime
    called? hehe

  4. MrGigaflare says:

    Name of the song? please

  5. Bl4CkGFX says:

    first useful thing I’ve learned from 4chan xD thx

  6. Zephei says:

    Paul Keeley; good musical taste. Nice video too.

  7. bezlanoi92 says:

    @spooksmagee got a tutorial using Inkscape?

  8. Keith Hawe says:

    Great video. Is there a link to the image you were using?

  9. blush07 says:

    the tutorial was great i hope you did some zooming in the video since i
    really want to learn alot from vectoring. tnx.

  10. spooksmagee says:

    Don’t have it anymore, my HDD bit the dust awhile back and I lost it. Sorry!

  11. NintendogChamp says:

    may I ask what vectoring thing you’re using? like what program and where I
    can get it?

  12. spooksmagee says:

    @izawa20 Not that I know of. The pixel count doesn’t change when you
    enlarge an image, so the blurriness will always be there.

  13. ReLaXx0r says:

    nice thx 🙂

  14. Allie Blimka says:

    @spooksmagee thaaaankk you!

  15. TheBdemba16 says:

    why don’t you do the difficult one, that’s the problem. I want to find a
    tutorial that will show me how to work with a fucked up image, not a
    perfectly clear one.

  16. MajinHD says:

    could this work with photoshop cs4?

  17. BlubbaPinecone says:

    I have a sudden urge to watch Bakemonogatari again…

  18. spooksmagee says:

    @animelover3979 bakemonogatari

  19. Victor Coleman says:

    OMG Thank You for making this! Helped me out SO much! 100 Thumbs up!

  20. spooksmagee says:

    @strangeboy21 The finished product, or the original screenshot?

  21. justaquietperson says:

    Thanks very much for this tutorials! Really well explained and with an
    awesome result. Few people does that just for sharing knowledge. Do you
    have any DA, galleries, msn? :3

  22. spooksmagee says:

    @justaquietperson I’ve been thinking about setting up a deviant art page,
    just never got around to it. Maybe in the future.

  23. shikamarusgirl17 says:

    @bezlanoi92 I’d actually like to see that too.

  24. MajinHD says:

    @spooksmagee ok so i will need adobe illustrator, well thanks for letting
    me know 😀

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