CSS Tutorial 3: Movement, Aiming, Shooting

CSS Tutorial 3: Movement, Aiming, Shooting

Brief overview of movement, aiming, and shooting techniques in Counter-Strike: Source to serve as a basics for future tutorials that cover more in depth topi…
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17 responses to “CSS Tutorial 3: Movement, Aiming, Shooting”

  1. Aeyxa says:


  2. Chuck Norris says:

    CS:S was in development since 2001, he could’ve gotten into the closed beta back in 2003. Who knows.

  3. ROckeTPals21 says:

    i tihnk he was just reffering to CS in general , probably 1.6

  4. NyuuPingu says:

    well he is software developer so..

  5. Števe Ţhe Ðon says:

    You have soft hands

  6. xJ3STER says:

    ye obviously. but still retarded as fuck

  7. TheVompatti says:

    It is same as weapon switching.Just a thing many players do

  8. xJ3STER says:

    i know. but i meant why he spam TAB, so the score shows every single second.

  9. William Hughes says:

    in my youth i played a flute does that still work?

  10. TheVompatti says:

    It is a thing that almost everyone does with the weapon changing.It’s fun

  11. xJ3STER says:

    what do you mean?

  12. TheVompatti says:

    The record doesn’t lag if you use demos

  13. TheVompatti says:

    If you haven’t played css……

  14. mrsex35 says:

    i have the same keyboard as you have 😀

  15. UnitedGamingDE says:

    good tutorial but pls turn the gamesound a bit down..

  16. japipoy16 says:

    Dear WarOwl, how do i get a dynamic crosshair like yours? i know how to get a dynamic crosshair but i want the one with the dot thing in the middle. pleaase help. HAHAHA

  17. ByeBaybe says:

    the hit box for the head isn’t huge any more :

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