XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 34 – External Style Sheets

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 34 - External Style Sheets

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17 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 34 – External Style Sheets”

  1. augustine tinku says:

    he put semicolon outside parenthesis at linking tag in css file is that

  2. chris makin says:

    you spelt parrote wrong lol !!!

  3. Debo Maccabe says:

    what does word tahoma do/mean

  4. Tony James Gilpin says:

    My favorite number is 1337.69.

  5. gamerchunk1 says:

    CSS : Castrading spreads shit

  6. Mustafa Omar says:

    super trick and i liked it @ Bucky Robert TRICKY MASTER!!!

  7. Bren H says:

    I don’t know what’s up but it’s not working for me… and I’ve checked and
    checked for like 30 minutes now! 

  8. Antonis Kakafonis says:

    “second..back to the first..second..back to the first..”hahahah this guy is

  9. Braden Best says:

    i never have to put “type=text/css” it works anyway ya jelly?

  10. Mark Wilkie says:

    @parminderghai Yep!

  11. MountainManBN says:

    can a menu navigation bar be built in an external style sheet? i have a
    site with similar page structure but differing content. i want to make one
    menu bar with CSS so that i can add/remove pages in one place and have the
    changes take effect globally; right now, i have to edit the XHTML on each
    individual page (although descriptors like color and font size can be
    changed in CSS). can anyone help me out? so much appreciated. i feel like
    i’m just missing one small key step. THANK YOU!

  12. Hyelni Joshua Ali says:

    why use “link” and not “a”.

  13. codemaster783 says:

    Hello bucky.. I think you should teach the entire IT course on youtube.
    People will be more competent with computers if you’re the one teaching.
    Especially in the comfort of our homes, learning is much more conducive.

  14. joshmnky says:

    I’m not sure it would be so polished. I was thinking it would still be
    code, but with the tags shown as an icon or thin bar of color. No
    positioning, but maybe color and font shown so you don’t need to check the
    tags too often. Actually, a WYSIWYG might be really easy with JTextPane,
    but I haven’t used it yet. It interprets HTML, but I’m not sure about CSS.

  15. ronak sevak says:

    i like the way bucky praised him self and his web site …but it is best
    indeed..btw very helpfull lession

  16. Nerf Army says:

    also microsoft expression web 4 does that

  17. Sanzy6 says:

    because this is how actual professional webpages are written.

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