iMovie Tutorial – Making A Simple Movie/Video

iMovie Tutorial - Making A Simple Movie/Video

Check out user and subscribe to her! And a quick shout out to Nick.

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20 responses to “iMovie Tutorial – Making A Simple Movie/Video”

  1. UltraProSlayer says:

    Wow, look at his room…. So neat.:)))

  2. GizmoSpheroid says:

    Clean Up ur room kid!

  3. TheAspenCurbs says:

    what icon is tht to the right of your imovie? the purple video thing?

  4. bindrp2 says:

    When you say the “beach-ball” do you mean the pinwheel?

  5. bblax4 says:

    look at all that shit behind him! fucking hoarders!!!

  6. gonzalez7178 says:

    cool but how do u put that video to ur youtube acount

  7. veniciamonet80 says:

    Nice job, kiddo. You’re awesome.

  8. LJXenonUk says:

    WOW! He Found A Mac In A Skip?

  9. chipmunkspy5 says:

    Started Recording, Hello…………Goodbye! LOL

  10. TheMagiboy says:

    beach ball?

  11. rocpsr says:

    icky thumb is amazing

  12. iTzThePlumpkin says:

    cheers bro all i needed was the import

  13. WMSProduction says:

    It’s 1:30.
    Thank you. xD
    haha, thanks so much 🙂 i’m used to work with sony vegas but I have to work for some web journal with iMovie so.. 🙂

  14. YaInc says:

    it’s 1:30!!!
    oMG!…I wish my sons were the same apple geeks 🙂 and youtubers 🙂

  15. Philaphonophist says:

    Hi, what software you using to screen capture the screen?

  16. tekkenmastah says:

    Thanks.. this helped me a lot.. I LOST TRACK OF TIME..

  17. TheCasperBug says:

    i like how he said thank you to the 1:30 voice. So helpfull though thanks 🙂

  18. maria gauthier says:


  19. Dennizzz119 says:

    A camera..

  20. Virgil Munteanu says:

    wich software you used to record?

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