Photoshop + Illustrator Tutorial: Quick Glacier Effect

Photoshop + Illustrator Tutorial: Quick Glacier Effect

Please like and subscribe! Stumbled upon a method on how to make vector-style glacier or mountain texture using the blend tool in Illustrator. Added a few ef…

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13 responses to “Photoshop + Illustrator Tutorial: Quick Glacier Effect”

  1. Phore Kast says:

    in the beginning : Ghosts n Stuff

  2. Stephen Sparks says:

    Great job, this is exactly what I was looking for. You helped me greatly.

  3. Rodrigo Gomez says:

    Damn seeing how you work and what you make just makes me want to get a Design course

  4. DjClimamusic says:

    Awesome Evan :)

  5. Pinhead Larry says:

    who you callin’ pinhead

  6. MrEmptyfuel says:

    i think the colors should be more blue

  7. artnmusic100 says:

    everyone should subscribe to Evan.. hes awesome

  8. 1234dantboy says:

    the link doesn’t work for the download 🙁

  9. Laurent Cluet says:

    excellent !

  10. GamerzCreed02 says:

    Subscribed ! Too awesome man !

  11. FnhNielseN says:

    Make some more Illustrator tutorials! 🙂

  12. System32musicc says:

    a single “Glacier” seems like your looking at a sheet ghost fly away, very cool!

  13. pchurk says:

    hey evan just to let you know the link isnt working to get the psd file 🙁

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