Grindhouse Poster Photoshop Tutorial (Updated)

Grindhouse Poster Photoshop Tutorial (Updated)

How to create a grindhouse poster in Adobe Photoshop—whether you’re creating a poster for your own schlocky film or mashing up the poster for your favourite …
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21 responses to “Grindhouse Poster Photoshop Tutorial (Updated)”

  1. Carol Heath says:

    Loved your tutorial. I am not a newbie to Photoshop but am not a graphic
    designer so picked up a few useful tips. Thanks

  2. Exploitastic says:

    Awesome tutorial, Grindhouses are places where exploitation films are
    played though, nothing to do with a genre.

  3. Brett Lamb says:

    @AsafSchnider17 Thanks for the feedback. Glad you liked the video!

  4. Edgar Cheung says:

    Thanks man!

  5. Brett Lamb says:

    @vandaveer88 Thanks so much for your comment! Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Jon V says:

    @JoshInTv you could always check the size of the picture and when you open
    it make sure its resized, or if yiur just coping it from another file check
    the size….also if you want turn it into a vector image

  7. Brett Lamb says:


  8. TehCream says:

    Simple techniques but an excellent result. Very helpful. Good job.

  9. Edgar Cheung says:

    Amazing! Do you remember what font you used for your “What we’ll cover”

  10. paul logan says:

    Thanks so much sorted it now Was the paths issue

  11. Aaron Mathis says:

    Awesome tutorial!

  12. suceederology says:

    ahh brilliant… needed to look into grindhouse style imagery for my final
    major project for college. and this is perfect for making my own examples
    for my research 😀

  13. Brett Lamb says:

    @TehCream Thanks for the very kind feedback!

  14. paul logan says:

    I just want to say thanks again, amazing tutorial made my first poster with
    your help!!!!!

  15. paul logan says:

    I have found this easy so far but the rectangle tool wont fill with color
    any ideas? Good work very in depth tutorial

  16. ladduro says:

    @ibrett78 not really 🙂 longer is better because you have more info in
    there 😀 if needed, keep it longer, I dont mind

  17. Brett Lamb says:

    @dpjon1 Cheers! Thanks for your kind feedback!

  18. Jacqui Losco says:

    Hey I’m glad u used me as ur biker model, I was very surprised! 😀 cool vid!

  19. Writer Writer says:

    That was COOL! #Ididit!

  20. Brett Lamb says:

    Thanks, glad you liked the video!

  21. Brett Lamb says:

    @ladduro Thanks so much for your kind words—maybe next time I’ll so
    something a lot shorter!

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