photoshop makeover tutorial by kito

photoshop makeover tutorial by kito


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18 responses to “photoshop makeover tutorial by kito”

  1. Nishad S says:

    and my mom taught i was photoshoping porn

  2. wdpn77 says:

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  3. 4leknicka says:

    where is something similar, but slower, please? 🙂

  4. Uno Max says:

    Too Fast. Cant see to learning :((

  5. elcuernito1 says:

    Stupid music i know !!

  6. FineNerds says:

    i actually liked the song, DnB <3

  7. EvVieNiamhNyx says:

    did not like the music, but did not mute it either, to focused on the tutorial. >.< Still hate that song now.

  8. Nikota Freeman says:

    where did you get the stuff to do her eyes like the color and stuff like that

  9. locababy2 says:

    how is this a tutorial? nice work, don’t get me wrong, but how the hell is watching you show off help me learn how to do a photoshop makeover?

  10. jovelyngonzales88 says:

    ang bilis wala me naintindihan

  11. alana park says:

    begining and end shes pretty, thats what theyed do to me, there nothing wrong, but they would find somthing to change

  12. kawaiiEm0xa says:

    She was gorgeous anyway lol

  13. TechUniique says:

    She was pretty anyway :L 🙂

  14. IceTeaEdwin says:

    Man, that song made me feel violated ~_~

  15. MrandMrsjv003 says:


  16. kokv19 says:

    it would’ve been better if it was slower and voice teaching

  17. EmIsLame says:

    Can you do this to my picture??? I just wanna see what yo can do to it 😛

  18. CHERRYSWEETism says:

    ROFL was the girl in the music having sex

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