3Ds Max Tutorial – 22 – Using Trajectories

3Ds Max Tutorial - 22 - Using Trajectories

How to use trajectories.

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16 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 22 – Using Trajectories”

  1. vikrant singh says:

    i learned after effects,premiere pro and 3ds max from your´╗┐ tutorials. now i will move to android. ­čÖé

  2. Noah Forsyth says:

    Somebody doesn’t like getting told´╗┐ no.

  3. Samir Chandra says:

    Hey !
    thenewboston bro.
    Its a warnig to you. plz do more and more tutorial of 3ds max , otherwise i will kill you.
    Do´╗┐ you wanna die ! ? I dont think so. plz plz plz …

  4. death19911992 says:

    please do more 3Ds max tutorials PLEASE! i learned 3ds max´╗┐ from you!

  5. chrisrulz333 says:


  6. hatekek says:

    You are the´╗┐ best thank you ­čÖé

  7. Jake Pascua says:

    thanks´╗┐ newboston… ive downloaded all your 3dsmax videos…

  8. MyKosmik says:

    Thank you very much, I saw the 22 tutorials and learn awesome things. Never use 3DMax nor any 3D software before and now I’m able to´╗┐ do basic but just very amazing things.

  9. eurolama says:

    MORE TUTUORIALS… Would be cool if you could make´╗┐ like a logo or something?

  10. Sparsh Rawat says:

    Plz Upload More´╗┐ tutorials your all tutorials of 3ds max are Awesome…………… plz upload some flash animation and drawing animations….. ­čÖé

  11. sravald says:

    how´╗┐ come great free training vids get a thumbs down I don’t get it lol

  12. sravald says:

    Just like to Thank u dude for all your vids Iv learnt a fair bit in 3 days look 4ward to the next lot please keep the vids up so I can refer back to´╗┐ them Thanks again keep up the good work

  13. Dev tex says:

    Bucky make new tutorials don’t´╗┐ stop u have talent

  14. Harsh Soneji says:

    i actually learnd a hell lot from this series bucky thanks a´╗┐ lot mate;)

  15. Idan Sarusi says:

    i know its a vid from 2010 but i wish you could make more advanced tutorial on how to model´╗┐ i couldnt find any one that will teach you about the tools like you do

  16. Ouisam Ayoub says:

    Yes .. thanks for all lessons teacher .. you have a new subcribe ,,;::!´╗┐

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