After Effects Tutorial – 2 – Creating a Composition

After Effects Tutorial - 2 - Creating a Composition

Part 3 – If you wanna watch this tutorial in high def click the link below (hint: click the link) http://ww…

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17 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – 2 – Creating a Composition”

  1. NATURE STOCK says:


    Thanks for uploading!




  2. krabzteak says:

    The links in the description boxes in these videos are the biggest trolls ever!

  3. Inah Cayabyab says:

    can’t he just zoom it out? so we can see the whole window? i mean, he’s great, but, i get lost because i can’t see the other things happening around…or i guess it’s just me…maybe

  4. SyberIcon says:

    Please look at the date.2008 Hd wasnt 1080p.

  5. slaction says:

    I have a AE comp question and wasn’t sure who to ask. I’m hoping someone here can clear things up for me…

    Why does one need to create a composition? From what I’ve seen in After Effects, you dont’ need to create a comp as you can just import your footage and everything else without ever creating a new composition by just importing those files into the project.

    What are the benefits of using a composition over just loading all of your files into the project and working on them like that?

  6. minetastical101 says:

    when i put my video into the composition it is small!!! (i had to resize it…) please help.

  7. Dhruv Sharma says:

    Just scroll up and down to zoom in and out 😀

  8. larry morgan says:

    just pause to say this guy is awesome

  9. Inti Valinti says:

    Thank you for your help!!!

  10. sketchmavrick says:

    This video is gross.

  11. yoshi1u2 says:

    This is oviously an older software low quality should be common sence if it was the pro of cs6 it goes to 1080p or 2k very hd.

  12. bankser7777 says:

    Refresh the page! That might work!

  13. bankser7777 says:

    Dude, if he had zoomed out on this video you wouldn’t be able to see a thing because of the quality of the video!

  14. Fishcake117 says:

    I have a question! How do I get my video after my composition?! I cant find how to link my video without cross linking the composition… HELP

  15. iamreloaded9x says:

    Subcribed..bitch :D. u awesome

  16. darkrash1 says:

    all i know is this isnt CS6

  17. Lyricmaster4u says:

    I see the league of legends on your monitor

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