Adobe Illustrator Tutorial! LIVE TRACE! Vectorize photos!

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial! LIVE TRACE! Vectorize photos!

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: In this tutorial we will look at a fast and easy, ye…

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24 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial! LIVE TRACE! Vectorize photos!”

  1. Ramin Naderi Shahi says:

    thanks, so useful 

  2. misssilvya says:

    You f*** retards!!!! If you are not happy with the tutorial go and spend
    some money for private lessons or buy tonnes of books and see if they help
    you more!!!! You all whom dislike this video you are free to PRESS THE X
    BUTTON AND F**** yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Todd Burns says:

    i can see why it has 111 dislikes not one of your best .. too many drugs ?

  4. Eidrog511 says:

    I can barely hear you. My monitors volume is set to 100 too.

  5. splitjo says:

    excellent…luv all your vids, they teach you lots of useful things…keep
    up the good work!!

  6. flagfighter says:

    Wow, this just saved me a lot of pain. lol Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. olmitan8819 says:

    u talk way too much

  8. PoptartPaintball333 says:

    Very informative, thank you much Nathan!

  9. mje155 says:

    Illustrator is truly a “gay, pain in the ass” software, if it wasn’t for
    its connection with Photoshop, i would never use it.

  10. Enrique Rodriguez says:

    @italyanoQ8 I don’t really know what you are asking but if you want to know
    if illustrator is better than photoshop, they are different and can
    complete each other. Learn Photoshop if you want to create cool photo
    effects. Learn illustrator for logos and specially if you want to print
    your artwork. Learn both and have fun!

  11. davin3 says:

    so if i draw something on paper, scan it then trace it with live trace im
    cheating am i?

  12. Overchecking says:

    all talk!

  13. Roflwafflelova2 says:

    There is one thing tastefully explaining. If someone wants a book
    definition take a fucking class or look it up on Most people
    looking up tutorials are looking for shortcuts not 30 min vids. Creativity
    is what is actually lacking from this video and why I was bothered and
    commented. This guy literally used the same picture from the book lesson.
    Suck it.

  14. inkpimp007 says:

    Pointless tutorial if you can’t hear a word being said free or not.

  15. Pravin d says:

    come to point..waste of talking time

  16. loraljohnson says:

    Every time he says “sketch” you must take a shot…..

  17. lineriderofdeath says:

    Wow, only losers with built-in speakers can’t hear this video

  18. matatmat says:

    every time he says “path” you must take a sip…..

  19. Tyler R. Back says:

    “kinda sketchy” XD

  20. Barney Coles says:

    the sad thing is this guy is really good at adobe illustrator the problem

  21. Kurt Michels says:

    Thank you!!! REally helpful!! i just cant sand some comments here… u are
    great!!!! thanks for sharing

  22. Keith Peters says:

    Sounds fine to me.. get some new speakers.

  23. MrNotthesame says:

    good tutorial, but can ya cut down on the rambling?

  24. pipster06 says:

    Great Tutorial! i agree its very hard to hear, everything is all the way up
    on my laptop and my headphones are on! your voice reminds me of Chris

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