Create an ocean in 3ds max tutorial

Create an ocean in 3ds max tutorial

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16 responses to “Create an ocean in 3ds max tutorial”

  1. kannan thiyagarajan says:

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  2. Juliet abascal says:

    Hello, your 3d ocean is interesting, however I was looking to create more or less something like this youtube

    video maybe you know how it was created?

  3. pactudo says:

    Good, but i think I found it to bb a ocean in 3d with moviment!

  4. tormentor309 says:

    wow i learned something. making backgrounds using cylinders! Great tutorial, my friend!

  5. TheRoberto300 says:

    Great video. Very helpful.



  6. Jack Wong says:

    Great tutorial! this is a great help, i was planning to render some water for my project!

  7. fawkester says:

    Thank you Dave

  8. Farouk Saleh says:

    you know you can get max free if you say your a student..

  9. pulsE7N says:

    where did you get those sky maps from? 🙂

  10. kitsunechan90 says:

    Anyway to make the ocean go onto a beach using this method?

  11. 35enforce says:

    With a Daylight, 3Ds max offer to you a default sky without placing an Cylinder.

  12. 13stile says:

    same here.. its only hard to find 180°sky

  13. 13stile says:

    its omni light 😉

  14. 13stile says:

     Render as movie insted as picture

  15. TheLegend1245 says:


  16. RevolutionVoltage says:

    omg… i watch your tutorial and I made an awesome ocean 😀  TY mate 😀

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