Contact Page / Form, PHP Script Dreamweaver Tutorial

Contact Page / Form, PHP Script Dreamweaver Tutorial http —————————– GET THE PHP SCRIPT HERE How to create a contact form in Dreamweaver using a PHP script to send the form to your mail. PHP script When a message is sent the contact page contacts this PHP script, its here all our Email details are stored and we tell the Scrip exactly how we want the message to appear and to where we want it sent {your personal email account}. Be sure and drop by the website
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14 responses to “Contact Page / Form, PHP Script Dreamweaver Tutorial”

  1. helpvid says:

    you can download the full script from the website

  2. lordine17 says:

    hi, i followed this tutorial but getting a “404” message when i press submit in live browser and no email gets sent. any suggestions mate?

  3. Felician Galgau says:

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  4. Kerrariye says:

    Kardeşim nasıl bi aksağandır bu ya 🙂

  5. m0r0n says:

    i have this problem too. have you solved it?

  6. ddeshawnlink says:

    hey i need help the i havent set up a test server yet for the php script i just tested it in the browser and it displays some of the php code and the css (contact confirmation page) along with it. I need help is it suppose to be like this with out the test server being set up?

  7. Drelovesyou1 says:

    Okay So At 4:10 I Know That, That Was A External Link But How Do You Make A Internal Link ???

  8. bearaboo1827 says:

    worked great…thanks

  9. TLBCMinistries says:

    You have to alter lines 11-13, 18,19 and 22

  10. ArtysT4LiFe says:

    I need a mail server for this ? i don’t really understand how it works . Help!

  11. Zach Hart says:

    jesus buy a new computer i can hear it all through this tutorial screaming out AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  12. NoALL666 says:

    Ok, I cant find the first tutorial to create the form page html. But I did find some info on helpvid net.
    But heres my problem. I get the email form the php script. but no information is in the email, just the 3 words,
    name email comments…nothing else????any idea why?

  13. cslooyt says:

    That was a great video. Keep sharing we really appreciate it. Just some feedback. There was a few minor typos in your code from tute 1 as linking to tute 2. In the html from tute 1 you typed in “contactformprosess” which I gather should be “contactformprocess” (as in tute 2) so the html and php line up. Also in tutorial 1 html, you missed out the php from the form action=”contactformprocess”……… which should read form action=”contactformprocess.php”………

  14. JohannessonRobin says:

    nice accent 😉 thanks for sharing keep these videos comming

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