Illustrator CS6: Image Trace Improvements

Illustrator CS6: Image Trace Improvements

Quickly and easily turn your photographs or drawings into vector designs with the new Image Trace in Illustrator CS6! More from IceflowStudios: http://www.ic…

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16 responses to “Illustrator CS6: Image Trace Improvements”

  1. sunboy348 says:

    awesome. . . thank u. ..

  2. Kurt Diedericks says:

    Great tutorial thanks! Very helpful

  3. eneche says:

    omg this saves me an unbelievable amount of time!! Thanks soo much 😛

  4. Denis Baručija says:

    glory illustrator

  5. giannhsp222 says:

    Who is Damn? your child?

  6. Hydrofloon says:


  7. Tom Newbold says:

    Thank you!

  8. Sara Frucci says:


  9. Dave Burrows says:

    That’s some vaginal lip stick. Video’s not bad, either.

  10. Peter Denbigh says:

    Very helpful! Thank sso much for the video.

  11. Gary Desroche says:

    Does it save automatically? I think I went through it all right but it’s not saving as a Vector for me. Ugh!

  12. Berds Eye says:

    Check out my channel for more tutorials.

  13. KryBoyo1 says:

    File > Place.

  14. nicklovin56 says:

    Im so new at this. How do you even get the image up on illustrator to outline? any please help

  15. HenryHins says:

    Thanks… But can I use the vector file in flash? Cos I use flash a lot but I’ve lost some image vector files 🙁

  16. polyplaner says:

    Thanks for teaching, great job.

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