iMovie 11 Tutorial – The Basics

iMovie 11 Tutorial - The Basics

Is there another subject or specific thing you want me to do a Mac tutorial on? Thanks.

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14 responses to “iMovie 11 Tutorial – The Basics”

  1. DestinyButterfly85 says:

    Thanks!! Can you give your clips in-points and out-points?

  2. Chase Lindsay says:

    Once you drag your footage down to the timeline or to your project; then right click on your clip where you want to trim and clip split clip. You can also click on the clip and drag the yellow bars around and delete out the parts you don’t want. Hope this helped.

  3. Roos van Berkel says:

    Thank you, you’re awesome!

  4. BetterSMelim says:

    you used to be able to trim a clip by using command T… now that brings up something else… how do you trim?

  5. josué tlalpan says:

    Walter jr?

  6. Lori A says:

    I posted the below before I watched the tutorial. Very well done. I am new to this program and that was very informative. But that’s where I get into trouble. Getting the finished project and putting it on DVD to share with friends or family. It loses an unacceptable amount of video quality. Colors are washed out, fuzzy edges, etc. The finished result plays crisp and clear on my computer.

  7. Lori A says:

    Not sure if you already did a video on this but l’ve been searching high and low on how to get my home video that’s shot in either 720p or 1080p to DVD from iMovie and be able to maintain a reasonably high quality. No matter what I’ve done, it’s just not a good quality burn. I have been using iDVD to get it to disk. I’m kind of bummed as I just switched over to mac from PC and this is my only disappointment. Maybe I need to buy some different software that will work better perhaps Toast.

  8. shedboy18 says:


  9. Airjordany2k says:

    if you want more performance and more memory ( mine was 750 gb) then get a macbook pro

  10. nciszivatony says:

    It depends what you want to do with it ; if you have your whole iTunes library, a lot of files, then i’d get a pro ; if you just use it for research, if you don’t have too much files on it, and/or if you want to take it everywhere, i’d say the macbook air.
    I personally have a macbook pro that i use for everything, i have my iTunes library, movies, it’s always in my bag, so yeah both are really good, but it depends what you want to use it for. Hope it helped a little 🙂

  11. AkwardLeanne says:

    what should i get macbook air or pro

  12. Lisa MarieTTC says:

    How to edit a video and take stuff out of it…

  13. SFaria86 says:

    This is the first tutorial on editing software that i’ve ever seen and i’ve enjoyed is so much!

  14. K1llerEel says:

    EVREYTHING (except windows movie maker) > iMovie 11′

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