Part 55 C# Tutorial Late binding using reflection

Part 55   C# Tutorial   Late binding using reflection

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7 responses to “Part 55 C# Tutorial Late binding using reflection”

  1. ilike3or4 says:

    This one’s fun. This late binding thing. Thanks a lot I’m continuing to watch your videos and enjoy the explanations. Cheers!

  2. lrajyam3 says:

    Hi venkat sir , I am new to the .net, you are doing excellent job, thanks for doing this type of articles. I have a doubt in this article, in late binding, we don’t know on which class we are working, how can we kwow about the methods of that class and parameters of that method at the time of coding and how can we pass the class name, method name and parameters. What’s the meaning of ‘ working with objects that are not available at compile time ‘.please clarify my doubt. Thanks in advance

  3. DrivingTestLearn says:

    I have a confusion.
    Late binding is to be used when we don’t know about the class at compile time. But, you commented out the Customer class. So, what is the point of doing late binding in this example? I think we some how need to create the Customer class at runtime, right?


  4. damonp2006 says:

    Where exactly does Pragim.Customer exist though if you have commented out the class? After you comment it out does it still exist somewhere?

  5. damonp2006 says:

    Under what circumstances would you not know anything about the class though?

  6. kudvenkat says:

    There are very good articles on MSDN, in creating custom attributes. Please Google, using search string “msdn custom attributes in c#”. Whenever, I find some time, will have a video recorded and send it your way.

  7. living4destiny says:

    CLR creates the code for showing errors @ compile time whenever [ObseleteAttribute] method is consumed, right? I want to create the same code for showing errors @ compile time whenever [CustomObseleteAttribute] method is consumed. How can I do that? How can I show the errors to user? Thank you.

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