Robot modeling in 3ds max

Robot modeling in 3ds max

In this tutorial we will model a simple Robot in 3ds max. In the next part we will render the robot using VRAY for 3ds max. Please Subscribe!! Also dont forg…

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12 responses to “Robot modeling in 3ds max”

  1. jo gogo says:

    man, you are my best ytber 😛
    so epic i must try this one soon

  2. Serg Bozhko says:


  3. MrEe1010 says:

    Hi. FYI, in case anyone is interested. I found this same tutorial done in
    Maya at

  4. soulreaperichig0 says:

    Great tut but why do you model each thing differently for eg the legs,the
    weapon,the eyes etc wouldn’t it be better if you modeled it as a whole?

  5. Liem Nguyen says:

    I hope one day you’ll have a tutorial to show me how to rig and animate
    this robot!

  6. raketolsen says:

    So cool

  7. devilkazekage says:

    wat was the polycount for this model?

  8. newsense2004 says:

    Awesome. Messed up a few times so had to start over but learned to save
    often. Took me all day to model but I learned a lot!

  9. AlgPortfolio says:

    Great video! I’m just starting to use 3ds max and this video covers a lot
    of useful things! Thanks!

  10. NT Comanchi says:

    Great tutorial learnt much.That`s what i got up with postimg[DOT]org/
    image/ mdhj8mp37/

  11. sanvfx says:

    Thank You!

  12. Mohamed Nifnas says:

    very good tutorial 🙂

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