Photoshop to HTML to WordPress Tutorial 2 – Slicing with Photoshop

Photoshop to HTML to WordPress Tutorial 2 - Slicing with Photoshop

This indepth course will take you through the basics of how to develop your photoshop website design into something that can function as a valid and -standar…
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12 responses to “Photoshop to HTML to WordPress Tutorial 2 – Slicing with Photoshop”

  1. banchik says:

    thnks so much for this tuts!! i learn a lot from u! im in love with webdesign now. by the way u can improve ur video tuts by giving ur audio a bit of treatment. it can delete those noise and this will be do better for yur vids. just an advice anyway thnks a lot Daniel!!

  2. zSimicDesign says:

    Little advice from profesion. When you are doing a tutorial about particular thing, like slicing, then you do not speak about optimisation of the images and SEO. because that things come when you start integrating graphic elements into html wireframe. You just confuse people and then you did nothing, because you fail to teach them step by step so they could understand the problematics about slicing. You just needed to say how to slice (show it) and tell why to slice like that. Thats all.

  3. tvisionbeatz says:

    you did not listen at all i asume.

  4. tvisionbeatz says:

    you dont learn anything then -___-

  5. MrCrazyeyes001 says:

    I like your idea, but your videos don’t reflect your idea. I hope to see a better videos from you. Good luck on your next video.

  6. Gab Zack says:

    do you actually watch your own videos to see if you’d understand what you’re saying if others were to watch it? please do that. what you’re doing is good, but your presentation sucks

  7. jessie jay says:


  8. Joe Montalto says:

    worst fucking video. you were not clear at all.

  9. Jon Doll says:

    I created a series of 25 videos-tutorials about wordpress and I uploaded the first video on my channel today. visit my channel to watch the sample video I posted. just watch this: ==> /watch?v=6TSpIQ9lWv0 <== or visit my channel to watch it

  10. spiggy toppes says:

    I’m on common sense and lucidity…what are you on ritalin?

  11. Daniel van der Merwe says:

    @spiggy toppes something not as bad as what you’re on probably

  12. Daniel van der Merwe says:

    @lucFX12 I might. I did this awhile ago though

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