Realistic Ocean Intro | After Effects Tutorial

Realistic Ocean Intro | After Effects Tutorial

Today, Eli demenstrates how to create a nifty ocean Intro =) Everything can be done without any third party plugins or software! New Music Video: http://www….

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14 responses to “Realistic Ocean Intro | After Effects Tutorial”

  1. Richard Sunil says:

    how do u do that wid ur desktop i want to try it out

  2. Marcus Leary says:

    I like my nipples pinched, but l like you anyways.

  3. TheDark79Video says:

    What’s the music of the intro ? (Intro on desktop)

  4. Sreevani Macha says:

    Man! You are seriously bad. I am a proffesional and on my dad’s channel , I teach everything from the basics and you are very famous that most of the people recommend your channel to learn photoshop but you dont teach basics

  5. Garrett West says:

    When I drag the “button” to try to change the turbulence it just pans the camera?

  6. OhhJizzy says:

    How do you get that wallpaper

  7. Tadic Danijel says:

    I hit zero and nothing happens?

  8. joseph powell says:

    You are a funny guy

  9. MrXCronicXD says:

    I put the intro in my youtube acc plz check it out.

  10. MrXCronicXD says:

    Thx man ur the best AF professional animator intro editor. I MEAN IT!

  11. Sirdan3141 says:

    He does those in an animation program called blender. If you want you can go look up tutorials of it, but from what I’ve heard it’s really hard to learn.

  12. awdaw dawdawdaw says:


    Thanks for uploading!




  13. Juliet abascal says:

    Hello, your 3d ocean is interesting, however I was looking to create more or less something like this youtube

    video maybe you know how it was created?

  14. Eric Smith says:

    Absolutely Epic Intro Video Tutorial!

    You’ve earned yourself a subscribe and like!
    Keep going! Love your videos! Made an awesome Intro Myself using this tutorial!

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