After Effects Tutorial – Easy Ink Reveals

After Effects Tutorial - Easy Ink Reveals

Another mind bogglingly simple tutorial on creating your own ink bleeds from Dan Stevers.
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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15 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – Easy Ink Reveals”

  1. Mario Zorzi says:


  2. JairJavier Canal says:

    God Bless

  3. Ignacio Brito says:

    thanks men, great tutorial

  4. Cecilia XiaoHaiZi says:

    nice tutorial 🙂 but how if i want make it in another color? how to change black to other color?

  5. Marini Fernandez says:

    I can’t find ink reveals on video co pilot

  6. poppinpussies says:

    i’m so new to AE, using it for an animation project, um this may sound silly but when you created your mask at the start for the basic shape, hjow did you get it ot fill the background..

  7. Debbie Elicksen says:

    Nice work!

  8. VirtualNewsmakers says:

    ABSOLUTELY beautiful & inspirational too!!! We need an After Effects “intro” for our Virtual Newsmakers page. Cynthia K Seymour

  9. tangein says:

    You HOPE that was helpful? An absolutely well taught tutorial you have there =)
    By the way, can you do a tutorial on the transition part? =)

  10. Kanil Ward says:


  11. inVISUALmotion says:


  12. Rory Chockman says:

    your doing a good job thanks for your efforts. cheers

  13. jstnkyle17 says:

    he answers your question at 1:41

  14. guysytaccount says:


    Thanks for uploading!


    (or click my name)


  15. tillj005 says:

    where you get eh ink reveal .movs?

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