Bacon Pancakes After Effects IK rigging tutorial by Jesus

Bacon Pancakes After Effects IK rigging tutorial by Jesus

Baconpancake animation rig tutorial and demonstration by Jesus. And please watch our new show “Chicken Strips” Ple…

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16 responses to “Bacon Pancakes After Effects IK rigging tutorial by Jesus”

  1. VladthePainter says:

    I just followed your video tut to the T… that’s when at closer inspection I noticed the bones to pins placement was adjusted… All Good!  No, no Shapes layers… (In fact, when I used Shapes, I didn’t have that problem… Go figure…) I’m just using my PS file of a drawn character, but I got it working after a few frustrating trial and errors. Thank God for Guinness… Great, funny work you guys!!!

  2. Smash5Media says:

    Also… if you’re using a Shape layer, the bones fall in the wrong place sometimes. If you’re using a Shape layer for the limb, precompose it. This will solve the displaced bone issue

  3. Smash5Media says:

    Did you parent the bones correctly before creating the IK?

  4. VladthePainter says:

    I see that in Step #6 you stopped recording and then readjusted your bone structure order then rerecorded. I believe that to be the problem. The pin to bone structure never matched.

  5. VladthePainter says:

    Oh, well… No matter what I do… It either warps my entire leg or just gives me that same IK error message.

  6. Smash5Media says:

    You can change the parenting of Toe Bone from the Heel to the Controller. This allows the foot to stay level with the ground as you move the Controller. I prefer animating the walk cycles by parenting the Toe to the Controller, rather than the Heel bone, then modify the position of the toe only while the foot lifts off the ground. Watch Chicken Strips… Chickadee’s dance is animated this way.

  7. VladthePainter says:

    Yes. Reviewing your tutorial, I see that you only utilize 3 out of the 4 bones, creating the wrist controller as the movement to control the entire arm movement. Yet, suppose I wish to move the tip of the hand, I assume I would have to move frame by frame that puppet pin. It seems, that you can only use a maximum of 3 puppet pins to bones created – a 4th can’t be combined as a puppet pin to bone but must be relied on it’s own if you wish to animate separately… Is that correct…?

  8. Samuel L. Smasher says:

    are you selecting them in the correct order?

  9. VladthePainter says:

    “Select the bones and controller before creating IK” I know you’ve been asked I’m sure dozens of times, but what’s up?! Everything checked and rechecked… everything as you say, then I still get that message… What am I missing!? THANKS!!

  10. Nas Alhussain says:


  11. ezzedine114 says:

    We need more tutorial

  12. Kidd Kosmonaut says:

    Do you have a tut explaining how to set up the animation gui’s?

  13. Kidd Kosmonaut says:

    Sweet! Got that sorted out. Thanks! You don’t happen to have a tut on eye blinks and making those animation gui’s do you?

  14. Kidd Kosmonaut says:

    Cool thanks i think i figured it out by just parenting the shoulder bone to the pancake torso bone. Things seem to be behaving as expected now. I checked out your facial anim tut too. Do you happen to have one that shows how to set up the animation GUI or the eye blinks? Thanks a ton!

  15. Kidd Kosmonaut says:

    I may have figured it out by taking a closer look at the prebuilt comp. I basically took the left shoulder bone of the arm and parented it to the left shoulder torso bone of the pancake. That got the arm following as expected. I repeated that on the rest of the limbs and they all seem to be working properly now. I didn’t use any additional nulls though just the ones you mentioned in the tutorial. Is it better to parent arms and legs to nulls and then parent the nulls to the pancake?

  16. Smash5Media says:

    When you move the root of an IK chain, the following bones (elbow, wrist) move along with it because they’re parented to that root. so… just parent the shoulder roots all together to a single null to move the shoulders.. parent the hips to a single null to move them etc. If it’s not working, it’s probably because the expression in the Puppet effect of that limb is broken. This could be because you didn’t give the pins unique names.

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