Editing Your Video with iMovie

Editing Your Video with iMovie

This brief tutorial shows some of the basics of iMovie editing including importing, trimming, sequencing and adding narration. Tutorial created by Paul MacGo…
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7 responses to “Editing Your Video with iMovie”

  1. Cindy Dahle Remke says:

    Thanks. That was a very helpful tutorial.

  2. Hotmediacommercial says:

    The original is left unchanged, that’s the beauty of non linear editing, it’s non destructive.

  3. Rivergull says:

    Does the editing change the original? or is it creating a ‘new movie’ and leaving the original untouched? Much to learn.

  4. sweatface7 says:

    dude thanks for the help!!

  5. Owen Tan says:

    Its very hard !

  6. pokecut says:

    check out my channel
    i do iMovie edits

  7. rahul r says:

    nice tutorial

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