Lightroom 3 Tutorial Getting Started Developing

Lightroom 3 Tutorial Getting Started Developing

Introduction to easy image adjustments with LightRoom 3.2.
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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21 responses to “Lightroom 3 Tutorial Getting Started Developing”

  1. ethanbrod77 says:

    Never have I watched a video and felt so calm. Great job on the instructions.

  2. bamajeep says:

    Thanks! Very easy to understand. This will help me out a lot as a beginner.

  3. albinofoxyo says:

    Davids lookin sooo good oh yea, damn. So fine

  4. albinofoxyo says:

    Oh David

  5. Michael Dunlop says:

    Great style – nicely relaxed and a very helpful and enjoyable video. Thank you!

  6. Zamboolah Wigi Wigi says:

    thank you for the video; really helps;

  7. nvaldez324 says:

    great video!!! thanks!!!

  8. Willard Helwig says:

    Thanks a bunch just learning and was very presented!

  9. terminatorgir says:

    Great tutorial. Every time he says ‘the blacks’ though I start laughing cuz it sounds racist even though its not.

  10. Yas A says:

    Hi, I subscribed at your video. My question is I am using Lightroom 3, how do you edit a bunch of photo at the same time for example 10 or 20 photos they are almost at the same level of darkness or light I want to edit them at once to save time.
    If anybody knows how to do it please email me at
    Thank you very much

  11. Anthony Fluker says:

    Very nice and understandable video Thanks!!!!!!!!

  12. Steff de Haan says:

    I love rednecks!

  13. mxh91 says:

    Yes you can fix the file as JPEG once you are finish editing. 

  14. Rex Roach says:

    Yes, that’s the beauty of Lightroom. I only shoot RAW files when possible. You can output in any number of formats and quality levels and the original remains unchanged. Of course when you create an output, it can have ALL the adjustments you’ve made to the original. I upload tons of pix to FaceBook and my blog in addition to email, etc.

    Just remember, in LightRoom, the original image never changes, just the output as a file or a print.

  15. Faargoottt says:

    If I take a photo in RAW, can Lightroom fix the “file” so I can upload the picture? I have a webite, and have always photo in JPG just because Im afraid to take a picture that I can´t upload..

  16. Cj Carter says:

    Thanks for the video, i learnt couple of new tricks from your video.

  17. TheKhayoss says:

    Great video – very helpful, thanks!

  18. John Stone says:

    I’ve been using Lightroom for a few months now, and this video really helped me get a leg up. A couple of comments: First, I have found that I prefer working with the sliders rather than in the histogram. As Rex pointed out in the video, it’s all the same, but unlike Rex I find the sliders to be more intuitive. Experiment. Also–and this is critical–shoot RAW! Much of your image’s information is lost when you shoot using a lossy format like JPEG. RAW gives you way more info with which to work.

  19. VorucPro says:

    Very Helpful and i loved your accent i hope you could make more videos.

  20. arcooke says:

    Outstanding presentation. Everything was so easy to see and hear. Thanks so much for making this video.

  21. sfranklin1943 says:

    Great! I like that you were able to zoom in on the controls.

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