HTML Tutorial For Beginners – Part 1

HTML Tutorial For Beginners - Part 1

This is a basic HTML tutorial. Please comment, rate, and subscribe. If you have any questions please message or comment.
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23 responses to “HTML Tutorial For Beginners – Part 1”

  1. crizzman22 says:

    you just need convert the file of rtf to plain text, in text edit Format>Make plain text, then save as, and in the final of the archive name write .html

  2. ali8183 says:

    Any parts coming up?
    Thumbs up so he can see!! 🙂

  3. shreyansh jain says:

    same here

  4. MrHenkie17 says:

    ty somuch

  5. Eoin Delaney says:

    these days its best to do (name).htm

  6. Andr3wMachine says:

    you need to make it a plain text

  7. Carlos Mayers says:

    PART 2?

  8. Felician Galgau says:

    Americanii creeaza website-uri, olandezii construiesc masini zburatoare, italienii fac autostrade moderne…SISTEMUL DIN rOMANIA…manipuleaza calculatoarele, intercepteaza telefoanele, manipuleaza oamenii…SISTEM DICTATORIAL FASCIST…tiganiii Uniunii Europene…GUNOAIE FASCISTE

  9. tomer amar says:

    U gotta save it as HTML

  10. Conor Murphy says:

    Thats what you’re asking?

  11. Khush Shah says:

    how did you get the g chrome icon to appear different ??????????

  12. hussainlion says:

    I cant see a fu.. about what you wright

  13. Marcuss Johnson says:

    When I tried it my mac opened the file in the web browser and showed everything as plain text (with the tags shown)
    How can I correct it?

  14. BlotBlackInk says:

    Yeah I’m actually trying to make a website for my band once I learn this so thanks for posting it’s been really helpful.

  15. Jdrage31 says:

    No I just haven’t had time. I really need too. I enjoy helping people who want to design websites or learn how to code.

  16. BlotBlackInk says:

    Yeah now it works, thanks… Have you done part 2 for this tutorial?

  17. Jdrage31 says:

    Thats really weird. On my mac I can’t read rtf files. Did you make it .html?

  18. BlotBlackInk says:

    I’m on a mac it’s telling me I can’t save the file using the extension “html” It’s telling me that the required extension is “rtf” advice? Thanks.

  19. BlotBlackInk says:

    What a boob…

  20. pitri0071 says:

    isn’t it easier to make it in dreamweaver?

  21. zorcher101 says:

    Is it accessible like from ur web browser?

  22. MrZebebda12345 says:

    Thank alot thanks to you i have started making my website and getting games and im going to upload it to the Internet :)…I will subscribe…

  23. gooran100 says:

    you need to save it as an html file

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