Part 49 C# Tutorial Access Modifiers in C#

Part 49   C# Tutorial   Access Modifiers in C#

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9 responses to “Part 49 C# Tutorial Access Modifiers in C#”

  1. Abhi Mishra says:

    Ok Sir, that’s wonderful.. Thank you.

  2. kudvenkat says:

    Thank you very much for taking time to give feedback. For email alerts, when new videos are uploaded, please subscribe to my channel. In the description of this video, I have included the link for ASP .NET, C#, and SQL Server playlists. All the videos are arranged in logical sequence in these playlists, which could be useful to you. Please share the link with your friends who you think would also benefit from them. If you like these videos, please click on the THUMBS UP button below the video.

  3. kudvenkat says:

    Hi Abhi, there is already a video on List collection class in c# tutorial. I will record and upload videos on using other collection class Dictionary, Stack and Queue as soon as possible. I guess this is what you are looking for. Please let me know if now. Good Luck.

  4. Abhi Mishra says:

    Sir,Please make a video on Collections also. I will really appretiate for that.

  5. Abhi Mishra says:

    Superb Explanation. Thnx a lot. 

  6. Jertk Mejia says:

    Really help thanks Mr. Venkat your video is so precise like i remember you said “to teach is to learn”. . .again thank you for this great tutorial.

  7. madver says:

    One more good video.

  8. Edson Ferreira says:

    The danger is related to the fact that you loose control over how that private variable is read and set.
    Lets say you want to control who can access the value for that variable – with a property you can.
    Lets say you want to raise an event every time the private variable value changes – with a property you can.

    So this means that you have full control over the who and how can access or set the value of your private variable.

    Hope this may help.

  9. BoozysBoozers says:

    Great clear and concise video. Really helped.

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