XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 18 – font-weight & font-style

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 18 - font-weight & font-style

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22 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 18 – font-weight & font-style”

  1. emcholooglu says:

    You use classes and IDs, just go on, Bucky will explain them too!

  2. vlaki007gaming says:

    how to find more font-styles??

  3. TheMochaluver says:

    Tutorial 28 – Span: /watch?v=RRSjALnurmA?t=3m15s
    Tutorial 30 – Classes: /watch?v=YLFSWqWxvtU

  4. Mr97harsh says:

    why is better to use css instead of html? anyone?

  5. Calvin Maighan says:

    To identify different SPECIFIC parts, go on W3Schools (where bucky gets his info) and find “CSS Id and Class” 🙂

  6. Abdou Camara says:

    In the body

  7. Abdou Camara says:

    Personally for me it’s easier to add italics or make a text bold it t

  8. Curtis Floras says:

    2:30 correct Bucky no one says “bolder” because the correct term is “more bold”.

  9. MrJacoba01 says:

    It is if you started 1 at 10 pm.

  10. crazyww1 says:

    Lol bold is equal to 900

  11. jeltje50 says:

    18 times 4 minutes isn’t long!

  12. VEGETADTX says:

    Hahaha svuda smo :))))

  13. nbgd25 says:

    u koliko nas je Srba 😀

  14. William Slatton says:

    130 likes XD

  15. William Slatton says:

    episode 18… must stay.. awake…

  16. Dennis snijder says:

    instead of h1 in the style sheet , use #int1 or anyname you want after the #. after that put an id to the header called id=”#int1″
    and you are done 🙂

  17. norsac55 says:

    I know this comment is 2 years old but…
    You can make a tag up and use that so instead of putting h1 or p in the CSS put a tag called apples for example and then you can use the tag apples and it would have all the properties that you gave it and here’s a picture to show you better: i(dot)imgur(dot)com/7NGMARw.png

  18. George Carlile says:

    its a hyphen

  19. Kyupa Suria says:

    2 y ago comment, but for those reading now, use inline CSS

  20. VEGETADTX says:

    I believe you just give an id to those two particular li tags such as OPENANGLEBRACKET li id EQUALS “srbija” CLOSEDANGLEBRACKET Srbija list OPENANGLEBRACKET FORWARDSLASH li CLOSEDANGLEBRACKET 😀

    and then tyoe in CSS: ul #srbija OPENCURLYBRACKET font-style: italic; CLOSEDCURLYBRACKET

    Eto tako nekako zemljache 😀 (morao sam da pisem slovima EQUALS, OPEN ANGLE BRACKET itd…jer yotube ne dozvoljava to u komentarima)

  21. Perellax says:

    Also you could use a div tag

  22. MrBlackkiller99 says:

    Can you put the whole code, this doesn’t work for me…

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