Adobe Illustrator CS6 Creating a Logo with Pathfinder Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Creating a Logo with Pathfinder Tutorial

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Creating a Logo with Pathfinder Tutorial.
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20 responses to “Adobe Illustrator CS6 Creating a Logo with Pathfinder Tutorial”

  1. illustratorccserialx says:

    not very´╗┐ smooth

  2. Peter Laverty says:

    You sound like Maralyn Manson ­čÖé nice tutorial thanks helped me´╗┐ a lot

  3. okonla24 says:

    Thanks dude…great´╗┐ tutorial

  4. Jack Winstanley says:

    Press´╗┐ Window, then look for pathfinder.

  5. pato1470 says:

    where is´╗┐ pathfinder?

  6. mahmod abdulsalam says:

    thanks it was´╗┐ useful very much´╗┐

  7. burner4337 says:

    Still can select the´╗┐ individual Pieces

  8. zonneoordlaan says:

    Not´╗┐ very smooth!

  9. Rami Abdelal says:

    Because it’s only for screen use as a tutorial on youtube. We won’t be printing it. If we did, we would probably be careful to only consider colours that translated well from CMYK and RGB, like´╗┐ many of the Pantone palettes.

  10. Rami Abdelal says:

    Make sure you select all of the items by dragging a´╗┐ box around them first

  11. MrHSingh says:

    great to watch a tutorial where you are moving´╗┐ and explaining clearly and quickly rather than at snails pace and talking random shit for 5 minutes before getting into it like most others! good job dude

  12. GanesSh Chhantyal says:

    thanks it was useful´╗┐ very much////

  13. alexdesignstuff says:

    RGB is´╗┐ for digital

  14. Kaden Rudofski says:

    My´╗┐ Pathfinder isn’t working. I’ll hit divide and it say’s it should be done in groups or layers. I don’t understand.

  15. Tom Esendam says:

    i cant find pathfinder´╗┐

  16. XxTheMaster99xX says:

    CMYK is for´╗┐ printing, RGB is for anything else

  17. youyouyouguy says:

    Why use´╗┐ RGB and not CMYK?

  18. Felician Galgau says:

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  19. David Quiambao says:


  20. Casey Pollock says:

    Great tutorial, straight forward and a really easy´╗┐ concept to grasp

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