3Ds Max Tutorial – 13 – Extrude Splines

3Ds Max Tutorial - 13 - Extrude Splines

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23 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 13 – Extrude Splines”

  1. DJBeniQ says:

    What am i doing in my life? My penis looks so realistic.

  2. Servicios says:
  3. Mark Levine says:

    So, a lathe turns an object about a central axis – whether it is
    metalworking or wood. A pottery wheel works on the same principle, only on
    a vertical axis instead of a horizontal. Good tutorial.

  4. Jesse Bains says:

    Lathe is fun to play with, but not incredibly useful from a modeling
    standpoint. Unless you are making kitchen plates, or flying saucers.

  5. Chris Skjørestad says:

    Thats just awesome

  6. Pidgeon Grape says:

    When I add any modifier to my editable spline, the spline disappears. It
    does the same for extrude, lathe or anything else
    EDIT: okay well it works the next day for everything. idk what that was

  7. Mathew Andresen says:

    I’m trying to create a arc shaped bridge. I can use the arc command to
    create the nice arch, and then I extrude, but it’s still flat. IE it’s now
    2d going width wise, but no depth


  8. Matthias De Clercq says:

    just sayin Bucky: lines are already editable splines.

  9. Bilibiliy Xu says:

    That was magic :O !

  10. TheComputerScientist says:

    I can’t find the lathe in version 2015.

  11. Jasper Collins says:

    My mind fucking exploded when I clicked the lathe modifier on mine

  12. Otto Fekonja says:

    Me like lathe modifier :)

  13. Voicu Apostol says:

    you have the worse screen recorder

  14. Mariga Dosmuratova says:

    when i just click and drag, its just straight line

  15. sean mcwall says:

    how do i do a extruded cut, like drilling a hole through a cube?

  16. Srdjan Simic says:

    fuck you

  17. Mariga Dosmuratova says:

    hi! how did u draw this object? i cant draw curves from line, u did! how?

  18. Ricardo Paula says:

    Thx a Lot. Nice explanation.

  19. Enkii Muto says:

    Any reason I might not have the lathe mod?

  20. john coe says:

    tysvm for this video

  21. Luana Rios says:

    it helps me so much!

  22. Projectile says:

    Why when I convert it for Extrude, object dissapear???….

  23. Jachym Ruzicka says:

    Thank you very much !

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