CSS Image Replacement – Dreamweaver CS6 Tutorial

CSS Image Replacement - Dreamweaver CS6 Tutorial

Link to written tutorial: http://tutvid.com/css-tutorial-image-replacementlink-logo-to-homepage/ We can use CSS to place a linked image to our homepage using…
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10 responses to “CSS Image Replacement – Dreamweaver CS6 Tutorial”

  1. AloneinSpace says:

    Why do not you just deleted the text over the logo image from html code?

  2. Agnes Parrott says:

    Nice to see you in action with Dreamweaver!

  3. alienkaze says:

    I`ve been following your channel for a couple of years, I must say I learned a lot from you. Thank you! Nice video, keep posting more on front-end development, it`s really good, you are a good teacher!

  4. Wendy R says:

    Great help! I really enjoy watching your tutorials. So quick, simple and easy to understand.Keep them coming!. 🙂

    New to learning web design- do you have tutorials on how to place large background images. Example- like the one you have on this website used in this tutorial. How do you set the size of the image? Huge Thanks.

  5. Barry Swords says:

    But why would you want to do this?

  6. mixced says:

    awesome! we need more :D!! so great ur videos!

  7. Nerwik says:

    Ooooh, you do keep posting videos more frequently now! Thanks.
    Keep it up!

  8. Alex Bennington says:

    Stop using Dreamweaver. Just write code. If u actually know it!

  9. Rahul Dass says:

    sweet and simple thanks 🙂

  10. innerlocus says:

    Faster than Teacher,Thanks.

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