CSS Tutorial 8: Fragmentation Grenades

CSS Tutorial 8: Fragmentation Grenades

A tutorial about how to use Fragmentation Grenades, or frag nades, in the game Counter-Strike: Source. This is part of an ongoing series on CSS. Because so m…

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18 responses to “CSS Tutorial 8: Fragmentation Grenades”

  1. campbpar says:


  2. chocolatecakeisjummy says:

    You bought nightvision at 0:22 lol

  3. TheJackoloco says:


  4. SonicX246831 says:

    No. A Valve game.

  5. magicmike354 says:

    Isn’t this South Korean game?

  6. JegSpillerSpill says:

    Make a knife tutorial pleaz :3

  7. Amogh Dwivedi says:



    Css tutorial on equipment lol

  8. Вадим Трухин says:

    Что-то со стрельбой…слишком быстро ак-47 у него стреляет..и разброс в ксс будет больше!!!!

  9. mortalcombat312 says:

    um…you pick up weapons from dead enemies at times. Like when your out of ammo and stuff.

  10. NoctisBeta says:

    Knife tutorial in CS:GO anytime soon?

  11. xxXDrAwesomeXxx says:

    ah, he made a tf2 joke

  12. shdow160 says:

    3:07 u said ONLY buy one of the big 4, but u have a Five Seven?

  13. Ajdin Hasanić says:

    ooh…now i get it.. 😀 tnx..greetings from Balkan!

  14. TheWarOwl says:

    “cooking” grenades is when you can active the grenade in your hand and hold it for a while, then throw it later so that it goes off when you want it to. You cannot do this in counterstrike, grenades go off after a certain amount of time upon leaving the hand.

  15. Ajdin Hasanić says:

    What is cooking grenades?
    WarOwl pls respond= 😀

  16. Derrick Roseth says:

    Why do people feel like they need to critique you in any aspect of this game?

  17. ArchOfficial says:

    I know this is an old comment, but I found a fault:

    You call the M4A1 an M4, while in real life, the M4 has a 3 round burst receiver, while the M4A1 is automatic, like ingame.

  18. flowmatsku says:

    google bunny hopping lol.. and u cant bunny hop that good no more in css.

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