Drake ft Alicia Keys Fireworks Piano Tutorial

Drake ft Alicia Keys Fireworks Piano Tutorial

YOung Fizz Breaks breaks down the Drake ft. Alicia Keys hit fireworks! myspace.com/youngfizzentertainment to see more from YOung Fizz For Original Tracks vis…

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14 responses to “Drake ft Alicia Keys Fireworks Piano Tutorial”

  1. Christopher Tory says:


  2. ddmoney47 says:

    Great tutorial man!

  3. LyrikzDatPrettyBoi says:

    @ 1:12 sounded like Diced Pineapples

  4. Jonny Brooks says:

    Super Dope! Thanks alot!

  5. D Dilla says:

    Good tutorial man. Im a upcoming producer like you, check out the track i posted if you got time.

  6. Fizzlesupreme says:


  7. Dannyhere2help says:

    great stuff keep it up/

  8. mastercheif0ganster says:

    nigguh why you pissed? :/

  9. Fizzlesupreme says:

    Thanks man i really appreciate you watching. Be sure to subscribe and check out some of my other videos.

  10. Fizzlesupreme says:

    Thanks I am glad i could help!

  11. LiloPlease says:

    This is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks for the upload, like the guy under me, explained it just the was i wanted it.

  12. Fizzlesupreme says:

    haha Yup you already know

  13. bittersweetkuri22 says:

    dude, is that a floppy disc??

  14. Blademuzic says:

    Thanks man this really helped. You explained it just the way I wanted it explained.

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