Excel 2007 Tutorial 5 – Entering and editing data

Excel 2007 Tutorial 5 - Entering and editing data

Excel 2007 Tutorial 5 – Entering and editing data, formatting cells and shortcuts.
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17 responses to “Excel 2007 Tutorial 5 – Entering and editing data”

  1. roy relosa says:

    thank you so much!!!

  2. roy relosa says:

    thank you so much!!!

  3. 10minutetrain . says:

    Just using one of the multiple ways to edit within Excel.

  4. Ibrahim ahmed says:

    why dont you ever use the ribbon tools for formatting.It seems easier than right clicking every time.

  5. nepatriots77 says:

    I love your videos! The pace in which you move is so good.
    ppl who have never used excel are very intimidated by it.
    Thank you so much!

  6. Neha Jalan says:

    thank you so much..

  7. 10minutetrain . says:

    When you click on the cell, you can then go into the formula bar and edit the line. Another option is to highlight the Cell in the formula bar and hit the F4 key which will automatically place the $ symbol on the highlighted data.

  8. Neha Jalan says:

    i coudnt find it on my keyboard

  9. Neha Jalan says:

    how did u put dollar sign w/o using format cells?

  10. honeybee2130803 says:

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  11. 10minutetrain . says:

    You could try to check to see what is available with existing templates. I would think you could find something that works.

  12. honeybee2130803 says:

    I need help trying to create an excel doc. that will allow me to organize a group fitness schedule for the entire week including spots for 20 (max.) members per class. Any suggestions would be great.

  13. gladys Kays says:

    Just highlight the whole column and format the cells to the Percentage X

  14. Abhishek Ramesh says:

    Awesome. Thanks bro. Bro please help me. If i need to format cells to percentage and apply the same to the whole column. What i need to do? Please reply.

  15. Davis Smith says:


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  16. rami198000 says:

    thank you very mush … useful

  17. enterBJ40 says:

    thanks for posting this videos, very helpful !!

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