Adobe Flash and Fireworks Animation Tutorial

Adobe Flash and Fireworks Animation Tutorial

Andrew, our graphic designer here at, put together an animation tutorial using Adobe Flash and Adobe Fireworks. Learn how to apply motion t…

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13 responses to “Adobe Flash and Fireworks Animation Tutorial”

  1. Felician Galgau says:

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  2. J Abbey says:

    The Animation looks like it should be on a sign that reads ” Billy Bob”s Used Cars”

  3. XxRubberDuckyGirlxX says:

    F6 i think

  4. GqFq says:

    What did he say at 6:14? Click what?

  5. masterbeanz2 says:

    The g stands for gangster.

  6. ninefactor says:

    this was very informative, but you have an incredibly annoying voice.

  7. TheVorobeichik says:

    Thanks a lot, video was really helpful)

  8. HCBee says:

    nevermind, I found it. Just looking on the wrong side xd

  9. HCBee says:

    Hey! Great vid 🙂 though i cant do this because I cant find my toolbar.. I tried window – toolbars already, however I cant manage to get the same toolbar (on the left) as in your video.. please help?

  10. gabriel radu says:

    DOT COOOOOOOM =)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  11. says:

    Yes. SoftwareMedia(dot)com. We are your one-stop software shop with over 10,000 different software titles, from Microsoft Office, to Corel Painter to Adobe Creative Suites.

  12. mcjonjon2 says:


  13. funsouth2 says:

    You are an excellent instructor. Easy to follow. Easy to understand. Thanks

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