Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – The Alignment Tools

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - The Alignment Tools

VISIT US NOW – Graphic Designer Tips will teach you how to use the Align tools in Adobe Illustrator Creative Suite. Aligni…
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16 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial – The Alignment Tools”

  1. Michael Ryan Pineda says:

    will do sir! 🙂

  2. Stephen Looney says:

    You are welcome Michael!! Subscribe!

  3. Michael Ryan Pineda says:

    thank you for this sir.

  4. fitforsoccer000 says:

    Thanks for answering but it didn’t help. Here is a video showing what I want to do: /watch?v=e5PxwkEV2XY&

  5. Stephen Looney says:

    In CS6, you are able to align to Artboard. Select all of the objects and on the top toolbar with the align options you will see a box with a dropdown arrow with that option. Experiment and let me know if that helped.

  6. fitforsoccer000 says:

    Is it possible to align just ONE object to the artboard while keeping other objects in the same position in relation to that first object? For example, if you had five boxes arranged in a random pattern and I want only one of the boxes to be centered while keeping the arrangement of them, how can I do this?

  7. JedwardHolland says:

    Done hahaha It’s always handy when you can’t remember something for the test 😛

  8. Stephen Looney says:

    That’s actually kind of sad…JK. Everyone feels that way, but school taught me to be prepared for the real world. I learned 90% of my REAL graphic skillz at my first job! Subscribe to our channel, I release videos every week! Thanks for the love!!

  9. Stephen Looney says:

    First of all, I have to applaud your choice of Usernames which is Awesome!! I call my wife one of those because she makes cupcakes every week HAHA. I’m glad I was able to clearly get the point accross for you to learn from. Are you doing this for a future career or just for fun? Also, thank you for subscribing to us. Check out our other playlists!

  10. JedwardHolland says:

    I learned more from you in 15 minutes then from the half year school I had….

  11. Happyface says:

    i know you probably get this all the time but, thank you for your videos. I am completely new to this and your video offered me guidance and def. helped me not feel so lost and overwhelmed by all the numerous tools and honestly i’ve watched a few tutorials by other ppl on utube already and none of them are as clear and concise as yours are. can’t say how grateful i am. thank you.

  12. Stephen Looney says:

    Glad to have helped on this! Thanks for the love…..literally LMAO!!

  13. Stephen Looney says:

    Wow….That’s really vague….Please shoot me an email with an illustrator file and explain to me exactly what you are trying to accomplish. help@graphicdesignertipsDOTcom. I’d be glad to help!

  14. Stephen Looney says:

    “You talking to me? Well I’m the only one here” LOL …..I’m not Mafioso tho, but thanks for checking us out. Where are your from? That might determine why you think that…..but I do have a strong NY accent!

  15. sweetwater921 says:

    makes me wanna follow this dude’s tuts… his accent sounds mafia-ish.. Quit breaking my balls!!!

  16. Stephen Looney says:

    Glad it helped you. Is this something you are interested in a career in or doing it just for fun? Please subscribe. I have a bunch of new stuff coming out shortly.

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