After Effects Tutorial: Easy Widescreen Bars

After Effects Tutorial: Easy Widescreen Bars

Layer-New-Solid. Effect-Generate-Grid. I think this is a very good method becuase it affects all layers beneath it and can be altered within seconds. Boom :]…
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18 responses to “After Effects Tutorial: Easy Widescreen Bars”

  1. FreshMicksMusic says:

    What if I don’t want to cut out the top of the video, the bottom I couldn’t care less about. How would I go about doing that?

  2. William Martin says:

    Jaws is easier, but, is this more accurate?

  3. EditsByBRN says:

    I like cc jaws more



  5. ZoxxMedia says:

    Bakur just use the letterboxer effect 🙂

  6. Émile Martel says:

    I did that by editing the compisition height…But i wonder, some bit of my footage is masked (right?) But why stabilization (in AE) don’t use the part that is masked to crop?

  7. chasemormur says:

    i just make 2 solids and put them at the top and bottom

  8. RiskyyDzn says:

    Thanks Brah!

  9. HoxyzOG says:

    or use MBL letterboxer..

  10. Callmvm says:

    Easyiest Way: Create Black Solid>Transitions>CC Jaws>Heigh 0%>Completion (how you want)

  11. ARMBEATS says:

    Thankyou baker.

  12. fantapulloxx says:

    isn’t cc jaws wasier way?

  13. Ohh Flare says:

    Or you could just put a CC Jaws effect on a black solid and make the completion to about 80 and the height to 0% Thumbs up

  14. ItsClaor says:

    Or you just put a black bar picture over the clip and scale it 😛

  15. LOLJeezy says:

    Orrrrr you could use cc jaws…

  16. ReadySetGoPictures says:

    I have a tutorial on my channel for widescreen bars too. 3 different ways

  17. omgwtfbbqlmaorofl says:

    lol stop at 1:40 with audio translation it says something pretty funny 😀

  18. Mike Schwanz says:

    Last thing was nice…

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