Photoshop: Virtual Weight Loss in Photoshop! (HD)

Photoshop: Virtual Weight Loss in Photoshop! (HD) | http | Use Photoshop to virtually put someone on a diet in Photoshop! Music: Kevin MacLeod

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6 responses to “Photoshop: Virtual Weight Loss in Photoshop! (HD)”

  1. nicoleRadd11 says:

    Very easy to understand, thank you so much!

  2. moneolg says:

    Out of all the tutorials yours has been the most helpful and convenient thanks!!

  3. giantss2007 says:

    Very cool way to put it in laymen terms

  4. oldiemusicvideo says:

    You’re so good, thank you very much for your Tutorial

  5. DrPhotoshopped says:

    Auf meinem Kanal findet ihr viele PS Tutorials auf Deutsch! Schaut doch mal rein ;P

  6. USAlysia says:

    I use Corel and almost have it perfected, now I want this! What a great program!

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