RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 15 (making videos)

RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 15 (making videos)

Some general techniques for how to make eye pleasing firework displays in RCT3. What views work best, and how to get them. Link for how to get HD videos is h…

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17 responses to “RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 15 (making videos)”

  1. lil zee says:

    you don’t make some pro color man !!! and where the hell is the smoke ?

  2. ShannenGonzales360 says:

    2:30 – A hidden mickey (The gold firework one) =)

  3. Dragonicafan says:

    now this is a different of my account of mine but no, it was just with the standard recorder from RCT3 which is generally very slow!

  4. QuanChung45 says:

    are u using a flying camera

  5. QuanChung45 says:

    u can also do recordings with flying camera, just click ctrl+shift+0 or u can rename any guest to “d lean”

  6. Samantha Martin says:

    Hi i have been watching your vids and you seem to know a lot about the game do you know how i get passport posts for guests on sandbox mode Thanks

  7. glo160 says:

    how do you get the in game camera?

  8. davie499 says:

    custom fireworks go in:
    my documents.rct3.firework effects

  9. pascaletje9 says:

    i really suck in making fireworks. so i thought i’d download some.
    i put it in. program files/atari/rct3/fireworks/. but if i do that and then start the game. the game chrashes. help me out please 🙁

  10. davie499 says:

    Check what button starts/stops it in the options tab.

  11. Able2235 says:

    how do u find a in game recorder?? thx

  12. Frozendeath123 says:

    nice fireworks dude, epic show, and thnx for the Advanced Fireworks tutorials, it really helped me out

  13. progamerxt says:

    your no doubt the best fire worker maker in roller coaster tycoon 3 simply the best!!

  14. legofans452 says:

    My DocumentsMy VideosRCT3.

  15. daevster says:

    Once I record, where do I find the clips to use in Movie Maker?

  16. davie499 says:

    If you can’t tell from my tutorials, I enjoy making my own.

  17. davie499 says:

    Make a custom scenario where your park opens and closes when it is dark, so that you will never see twilight.

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