3Ds Max Tutorial – 11 – Modifiers

3Ds Max Tutorial - 11 - Modifiers

Modifiers modify things, who coulda guessed?
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22 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 11 – Modifiers”

  1. Eduard Galumyan says:

    You said if you right click it would mess up your screen recording

  2. Pelle Pel says:

    must have cuz he R clicks @ 5:15

  3. 143shn says:

    Hey admin i have the same problem when i right-click it freezes the area, did you find a solution for this? Please do notify me if you had any?

  4. Cobrahehe says:

    Does anyone have a problem when you chose Lattice his cursor drops to lower right part of the screen ( clock) ????

    Don’t know why is this happening …..

  5. Gabríel snær says:

    you´re awesome thanks

  6. hamadah elsaudi says:

    thank U …

  7. Kerovin Black says:

    my bad

  8. xMajorBoss says:


  9. Shivangi Mishra says:

    wow really i got lot of things
    pls if u can help me out to bulid a character pls any one can help me pls help me out im stuck in my project pls i dont no any thing and im stuck pls

  10. theycallmeclam says:

    I wish you were my programming teacher!

  11. Livelife8072 says:

    Heads up towards the end. If you collapse all by accident you can hit ctrl-V to undo. Just figure I point that out. Great tutorials!

  12. Breezy Zamal says:

    this is so easy method to learn.

  13. 0EdDyMaN0 says:

    Unfortunately he was right clicking lol check 5:15

  14. cigaro208 says:

    when he scrolls over smoothing + highlights, it shows options. he isnt right clicking lol

  15. aaron morrisett says:

    Best consistent series tutorial I found, recently got in a motorcycle wreck and seeing as I have time off I wanted to develop some new skills to complement my programming, this is perfect. Much respect for posting these. these people nit picking in the comments need to A do it better or B stop trolling.

  16. libskyline says:

    you make things look simple, you teached me programming bucky i’m very grateful for your affort , you’re one of the best teachers but not at 3ds max you seem like you don’t know that much yourself , Modifiers can be applied without converting an object to editable poly/mesh then you can collapse it to editable poly/mesh plus some modifiers can not work without the adding of segments as they need more polygons for shape Manipulation.

  17. KiyoshiAnims says:

    thanks bro, u rule

  18. kika Alrais says:

    You helped me a lot thanx dude

  19. Aaron Joensuu says:

    IMPORTANT! In order to add modifiers to some objects you must add length, width and height segments! Do this by selecting modifier–>objects name (in box with modifiers)–>Parameters–>Length, Width, Height Segs (simply increase the numbers)

  20. eeddoonniiss says:

    best tutorials ive seen so far
    great job

  21. MrVijfhoek says:

    He said in the video that he fixed the problem

  22. TheBohemianCactus says:

    whats the difference between editable mesh and editable poly?

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