CSS Sprites Tutorial

CSS Sprites Tutorial

In this CSS tutorial we take a look at CSS Sprites. We learn both why and how to use this wonderful technique which reduces the HTTP requests a page makes. C…

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9 responses to “CSS Sprites Tutorial”

  1. Carlton Stith says:

    Your explanation really rocked! I have several images that I needed to use for a web site that I just built and I was having a difficult time understanding Sprites until I watched your tut.

  2. rejj0313 says:

    This video simply ROCKS! thanks for sharing. really!

  3. Gintas DX says:

    SpriteSheep 😀

  4. Gintas DX says:

    Why not simply using SpriteSheet offline CSS sprites generator for Windows?
    It will generate CSS code with all sprite positions.

  5. Yashash Dave says:

    I absolutely love your tutorials! They are so much better than the rest on YouTube!

  6. 17zu8 says:

    is it possible / sensible to create a picture gallery (only 3 or 5 images) with this?

    (so when you click on the image, the next one will appear)

  7. Khair Altamimi says:

    Great and easy to understand straight-forward tutorial. Good job! I just got a few questions..

    1) For the contact image background property, can I use “url(img/sprites.jpg) top right no-repeat” instead of “-120px 0px no-repeat” ?

    Also am I correct to say the width of your sprite image is 240px?

    thank you!

  8. JustinBieberFUCKYOU says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! HELP ME!?! How do i distort or condense my FONT to be 80% on the x axis???
    please help me???

  9. JustinBieberFUCKYOU says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! HEP ME!?! How do i distort my FONT to be 80% on the x axis???
    I liked and SUBSCRIBED please help me

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