CSS Tutorial 4: The Deagle

CSS Tutorial 4: The Deagle

How to use the Deagle in Counter-Strike: Source. This is lesson 4 of an ongoing series on how to play CSS at a competitive level, hosted by WarOwl. Please su…

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19 responses to “CSS Tutorial 4: The Deagle”

  1. Fapplet says:

    learning so much

  2. D0yka says:

    Orange box update. Google it.

  3. LightLink1992 says:

    what is the data thing in the botom right?

  4. LightLink1992 says:

    isit still the best handgun?

  5. ByeBaybe says:

    accuracy and damage. a 1 deag down long a on d2 is only 97-99 damage.

  6. mamataya1 says:

    how did the deagle nerf effect the gun

  7. mamataya1 says:

    Whats an ob update?

  8. Thetf2man3 says:

    What game are talking about?

  9. TheMineZilla says:

    What’s the OB update?

  10. abdelhakim bentouhami says:

    console and type net_graph 1 or 2 or 3 for the one u want
    if you want it away then type net_graph 0

  11. SAVAGEcammando says:

    How do you get the thing in the bottom right?

  12. Bruno Ragbi says:

    can u give me download link

  13. TheThrax1212 says:

    100 ms lerp? what the hell is that

  14. Liam Brown says:


  15. gblastoff says:


  16. Matko Matić says:

    Thank you you helped me alot

  17. nikka nakka says:

    hey man what is your sensitivity?

  18. Aaron Myrick says:

    which is better css or csgo

  19. NaoBatt NG says:

    “i would not recommend using the deagle at long range”

    *immediately show clip of one shot headshot at long range with deagle*


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