Lightroom 4: Introducing catalogs | tutorial

Lightroom 4: Introducing catalogs | tutorial

This Lightroom 4 tutorial explains what a catalog is and how it can help structure and organize your images. Watch more at…

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4 responses to “Lightroom 4: Introducing catalogs | tutorial”

  1. Leon Davis says:

    Lynda tutorials tend to veer off into the weeds a lot. Three and a half minutes could have been reduced to 30 seconds and six mouse clicks. This guy must have said, “if you’re like me” five times. Catch a clue, dude: I’m not like you because I don’t know what I’m doing. Using the fewest words possible, show me how to go from “Import” to “Catalogs” How hard is that?

  2. fallyhag says:

    There were a lot of words but nothing was really said. Skip!!!

  3. Juan Dela Cruz says:

    then skip it. use your brain.

  4. Thomas Gaskins says:

    Complete joke, I was hoping for more but got what I already knew.

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