HTML Tutorial 2 – How to include images in HTML (Basic)

HTML Tutorial 2 - How to include images in HTML (Basic)

Tutorial No. 2 – How to put images into HTML Level – Basic Teaches You – How to add images to an HTML web page.

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13 responses to “HTML Tutorial 2 – How to include images in HTML (Basic)”

  1. berlanti toussounian says:

    its cool and easy
    thnks u very much

  2. TheBigDolphin1 says:

    Wow. My comment 2 years old.
    I can code VB, Java, HTML, PHP & C++ (and even more) in 2 years? WOW.

  3. APsportsGUY says:

    i wanted image to be in left or right side as an advertisement

  4. APsportsGUY says:

    do it in small letters

  5. APsportsGUY says:

    download camstudio it is free which will record your desktop

  6. Squishy Toad says:

    Mate, download hypercam 3, its free and it records you computer screen in HD… Honestly… who doesn’t know that?

  7. Nico2010360 says:

    What if you dont want a paint pic but an internet one

  8. lilxk says:

    i’v literally been to about 500 tutorials trying to do this and it just didn’t work and iv finally done it. THANK YOU.

  9. PixelZackOnHabbo says:

    use camtasia to record it

  10. rogerman6 says:

    do you have two hands or three?

  11. zenthex1234 says:


  12. RadjeshNL says:

    Thanks for this lesson.

    Finding an editor was a bit of a struggle. I know that there are (a few) freeware editors, but I found a great editor for windows after a long search and comparing called webstract studio. (search google) After playing a while with the demo I bought it for only €25. WOW!!! I seriously can recommend it to others. Just try it. You won’t be dissapointed.

  13. shadowboy889 says:


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