35 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS6)

35 - Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS6)

In this Dreamweaver tutorial, you will learn how to setup the drop down menus on our project website. If you are interested in downloading the resources, fra…
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10 responses to “35 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS6)”

  1. Jim Woodford says:

    Did I miss something? I’m looking for the Tutorial #34 – I’m with I
    CRelief. Did we do something wrong? I can’t seem to find “34 – Introduction
    to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS6)

  2. Timothy Kywn says:

    You should try another or new template.

  3. inquisitivegirl rocks says:

    I downloaded your framework folders a long time ago when I downloaded the
    website templates and it seems your simple-menu js documents are blank with
    no script written in them. My dropdown menu does not work because of it.

  4. Timothy Kywn says:

    can you email us the codes with css and js files? So we can check them.

  5. Mia Müller says:

    My sub menus are pushed up over the nav menu, Timothy can you tell me how
    to resolve the problem please?

  6. Mia Müller says:

    Thank you so much Timothy you should be knighted and called Sir Timothy

  7. I CRelief says:

    What happened to Video Tutorial #34?

  8. Inno Digitek says:

    I have the same problem (that my slider got shoved all the way to the
    right). Can you share how you you fixed it? Thanks!

  9. inquisitivegirl rocks says:

    I played around with the topnav ul and ul li and I fixed the issue

  10. inquisitivegirl rocks says:

    Hey Tim, for some reason my slider got shoved all the way to the right when
    I previewed my page after doing the drop down formatting to the
    navigation.. I previewed it in firefox…does that have anything to do with

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