3ds Max Car Modeling Tutorial

3ds Max Car Modeling Tutorial

Modeling a Classic Car in 3ds Max. This tutorial will teach you how. Go to my website for detailed written tutorials that will show you step by step how to m…
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17 responses to “3ds Max Car Modeling Tutorial”

  1. Ochenter says:

    I Ws about to ask the same. Now I know it ! I like it a lot, thanks !!

  2. rixz89 says:

    would be awesome if u could do a voice over

  3. pandya gauravkumar says:

    સાગર ભાઈ મારે તમારું તોડું કામ છે તો મને તમારો નમ્બર આપો અથવા મારો નમ્બર
    મારો નમ્બર ૦૯૮૯૮૧૫૪૧૯૪ છે

  4. ryanthegamer01 says:

    thanks man a mate of mine is making a life game and this helped me out
    making the cars

  5. ANTZPound4Pound says:

    GREAT Job!! Keep Giving Us These AWESOME Tutorials They Cut The Learning
    Curve In Half!! Thanks so much!!!

  6. Tutorial Bone Yard says:

    Add a Shell modifier so you can get mesh on the inside. Go easy on the

  7. Tutorial Bone Yard says:

    Already have the Tire modeling video on my channel. Check my website for
    the detailed written tutorials, with a few more to come.

  8. ahmet tanrıseven says:

    thanks, im waiting your new videos.

  9. Jerry Lalawmpuia says:

    U are a true graphic designer!!!!…Awesome video!!!!…thsnks/……

  10. Tutorial Bone Yard says:

    This is a still render of the car. All pieces are separated as Elements or
    Objects with their own names. Check my video on 3ds Max Tire Modeling. As
    for Rigging and Animation, I don’t have a vehicle tutorial on that just
    yet. Check the 3ds Max HELP for Rigging.

  11. dezdetin says:

    nice tutorial. simple and straight forward!!!!

  12. ahmet tanrıseven says:

    song name pleasse

  13. catescdc8 says:

    TBYtutorials can you post a vid on how to model a gun and what are the keys
    to do that

  14. foreign says:

    wow so simple. thank you! 🙂

  15. SolidBigBoss89 says:

    can you make video for modeling Lamborghini Aventador LP760-4 ??

  16. KilleroyCZ says:

    Thanks! this actually helped me alot!

  17. Tutorial Bone Yard says:

    Ya maybe. Something a little more advanced I will get to eventually.

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