Flash Movies into Your Website: Dreamweaver Tutorial

Flash Movies into Your Website: Dreamweaver Tutorial

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: http://www.tutvid.com/tutorials/dreamweaver/tutorials/importSWF.php In this video we will learn how to export an SWF fil…
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13 responses to “Flash Movies into Your Website: Dreamweaver Tutorial”

  1. danomano65 says:

    So you just stick the .swf into the Dreamweaver and when u update the
    index.html in ur ftp server, all u do is make sure to include the .swf and
    .html into the server? It’s that easy? I’ve been kicking my own ass over
    this all day. Though i’m making my first website, so it’s all kinda new.
    Thanks for this.

  2. xr40 says:

    does anybody know if it is possible to create a dreamweaver file and use it
    on myspace? thanks

  3. aaron fischer says:

    “image viewer” I need the flash option

  4. SAA Colt says:

    create menu object in jpg format. You can do this in photoshop or similar
    program. it is simpler to make 1 whole menu bar; with correct pixel
    dimensions that would fit into your tag box in DW. Click on that image in
    DW a black border appears in the properties section bellow the page you’ll
    see at the lower left side blue geometric shapes. Select the rectangle drag
    the curser over the item that you want to drop down, then go to
    properties…+…you’ll see make “show pop up menu”.

  5. aaron fischer says:

    Hey just to let you know your video have been awesome. I started by looking
    at you flash files, and ended up here again for dreamweaver tutorials. Any
    ways my question is all I have is the i,age veiwer, so when I go to the
    common tab I cant select flash. What should I do?

  6. Viorel Nanana says:

    how did u make a drop-down menu, I’m struggling at this part.

  7. MegaLokiman says:

    CS4 would be awesome i have CS3…

  8. Joshua De Leon says:

    Thank you great information a video worth watching!

  9. captainnikolas says:

    how do I put a flash file on an img at dreamweaver?

  10. capitalinnov says:

    thanks guy very interesting

  11. aaron fischer says:

    Thanks I got it up but I think I dont have the option to select it. The
    only button I have is the image viewer. Is there a special download? I know
    this might seem stupid but I followed your instructions to a T. I got it up
    now but I didnt see that feature to click on. T

  12. smcorrea says:

    When i upload the website with the flash animation it appear a white
    rectangle, why?

  13. AristonMusic says:

    Hello, I was following along with this video. I was able to insert my .swf
    file into my web site. However; when I view it in IE it looks great but
    when I view it in FireFox there is a extra 2-3px of white space at the
    bottom of my flash video. Any suggestion?

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