iMovie 11 Tutorial – Working with Fonts and Titles Part 1

iMovie 11 Tutorial - Working with Fonts and Titles Part 1

Setup custom fonts, colors, and sizes. Quickly reviewed in this video. #iMovie.
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14 responses to “iMovie 11 Tutorial – Working with Fonts and Titles Part 1”

  1. belowit035 says:


  2. makeupbybella33 says:


  3. Rayan Saeed says:

    How to do that?

  4. Italyboy4250 says:

    When I add text to a selected clip it shows on the top right video screen, but when I play the entire video it doesn’t show. PLEASE HELP

  5. wildskies98 says:

    thank you! i really wanted to know how to choose my own different fonts…great job

  6. Bicepsbob says:

    Does anyone know how to copy and paste exisiting titles for multiple usage in an iMovie. It would make my project much more easier.

  7. galinarou says:

    Mine also doesn’t show them for some of the text styles. But try the simple static style or others and you should see the editor.

  8. galinarou says:

    Can I have multiple titles on one picture/clip?

  9. Ashley Fixity says:

    THANKS FOR YOUR HELP ! Wish I could move the fonts but I guess thats Apples way of making you by final cut in their app store 😉

  10. DEEninetysix says:

    when i click system font panel, it brings me to it. but NOTHING I CLICK WORKS. nothing happens! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

  11. Yona Duvauchelle says:

    Where does it say “show fonts”? :S in mine it doesn’t appear

  12. ChanneledGuidance says:

    @Apfelloch – trying to move the text really sucks… you can push the titles back and forth as long as they are attached to the clip…. but it’s really hard to move them past one clip on to another…. also, I found that if you double click on the title and bring up the inspector, then you can use the arrows on your keyboard to move the title back and forth with more accuracy….. but they should allow you to copy the title and repaste it in another spot……

  13. DudeNamedChuy says:

    yea but when i go to the preferences it does say show fonts but when i click on a font it won’t show up

  14. DogAndClay says:

    Do you have the Advance option on in Preferences?

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