Lightroom 3 White Balance Tutorial the Right way! Easy basic beginner lesson

Lightroom 3 White Balance Tutorial the Right way! Easy basic beginner lesson (Budget Equipment) https:/…
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11 responses to “Lightroom 3 White Balance Tutorial the Right way! Easy basic beginner lesson”

  1. Ed Krisiak says:

    Holy crap.Matching three numbers. Who knew!!!

  2. Yonathan Zarkovian says:

    Say you take a few photos of different jewelrys in a light tent with the
    exact same lighting. Or, you take many shots of the SAME jewelry item in
    that light tent, to later focus stack them into one photo with a depth of
    field that covers the entire jewelry. THEN you need to apply that WB to all
    those images.

  3. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    Actually, no! Watch my video on how to set the white balance. I
    demonstrated how to set custom white balance. When you’re shooting jewelry
    or anything with the same lighting you set the custom WB. You don’t use
    auto WB. This eliminates WB post production. Also, even if you don’t you’re
    not going to stack 400 pictures. The numbers are so low that it’s easily
    manageable even if you were to do it post in case you didn’t have the WB
    card to do custom WB.

  4. sishisonson says:

    hi. if i shot outside on a sunny day (AWB), say i captured 200 photos then
    i imported them to LR, so i white balanced one of the picture n after that
    i sync the WB setting to all other photo. so would it work like this? or i
    have to do 1 by 1? another thing is, can i just put the WB slider to 5100K
    cause whenever i edit a photo (WB), it always that number. so i assumed
    5100K was the universal temperature for a balanced photo. correct me if im
    wrong. thanks

  5. Mitch S says:

    That’s it? I just have to match the 3 numbers no matter how low or high the
    numbers are?

  6. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    Yes, but sometimes it’s hard to match them. In that case you can manually
    adjust the WB based on your preference. 95% of the times the camera
    captures the WB accurately so I rarely fix it in post processing.

  7. adnadia sid says:

    hi,I know this is out of context to this video but could you please also do
    a tutorial on the video mode on nikon D7000 and how to change the settings
    while video taping. Thanks!

  8. Dinahhs3 says:

    I always wondered how to wb….great will give it a try

  9. evd3946 says:

    Could you speak to calibrating you monitor for post-processing?

  10. rodbo says:

    Matching the three numbers thing was a big help…Thanks, I did not know
    that. Now I have a new perspective on adjusting WB

  11. PhotographersOnUTube says:

    @evd3946 Eventually, yes. Right now the beginners would get confused but
    every little thing is going to get covered from calibration to albums etc.

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