3Ds Max Tutorial – 7 – Hide, Freeze, and Layers

3Ds Max Tutorial - 7 - Hide, Freeze, and Layers

How to hide, freeze and group layers into objects.
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17 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 7 – Hide, Freeze, and Layers”

  1. Sami B.G. says:

    Click on Tools > Display Floater then hit Unfreeze All, this should
    unfreeze your balls and make you able to select them again C: .

  2. Melrose Brémond says:

    I tried playin around with my 2 balls, i ended up hidin and freezin them !
    Now i’m left to mess around with da cubes. WTF ?

  3. Noor Mohammad says:


  4. Kutay Biberoglu says:


  5. Adin Jašarević says:

    bam bam bam bam

  6. Spirrwell says:

    Why would you want to hide your balls? Be proud of them! Haha.

  7. Kutay Biberoglu says:

    Does he have a stroke?? 3:20

  8. themerrygambit says:

    I couldn’t help but chuckle when he reached that part of the tutorial.

  9. Auktoriserad says:

    your speech speed is ideal for learning

  10. MsRahul331 says:

    you are really teaching in the best way . I learn a lot of thing from your

  11. DreamWizard9 says:

    Your tutorials are amazing! Please do many more! thx

  12. Lance Watt says:

    Great watching your videos man!

  13. G Smooth says:

    Love ur videos but what if I don’t wanna hide my balls. I’ve grown to
    appreciate where they are 🙂

  14. farazihead says:

    hahahaha hiding my balls… hahaha

  15. Pc Games Productions says:

    ye balls .. haha.. like testicles . the only thing missing is a pipe thats
    called penis. hahahahah.. “freeze balls” hahahahahah

  16. Silenium1000 . says:

    3:18 hell yes new words

  17. HamzaHawksKing says:

    Are you able to create full 3d maps/levels in 3ds max?

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